When we talk about 4xBit crypto commodities, the first thing that pops to our mind is MyBtcFx and for those who are not yet aware of this cryptocurrency, here’s a rundown of why MyBtcFx is the best thing that could happen to investors!

To begin with, MyBtcFx much like Ehtereum, Monero or Litecoin is an alternate to Bitcoin that was introduced in the market as a verified investment and trading crypto. What started as a venture to incorporate more and more passive investors under one roof- now has one of the largest ICO gatherings with the total supply of MyBtcFx reaching up to 150,000,000. Segmented into four distinct phases, the ICO or Initial Coin Offering allows direct investment from investors.The promoter’s stake is at 8% with Bounty Quantity kept at 12%.

However, keeping the technical aspects apart, why do we favor MyBtcFx over others?

  • Iron-walled Security System- MyBtcFx is the brand new 4xBit Crypto that allows effortless transaction anytime anywhere. However, confidentiality plays a huge part in shaping MyBtcFx and hence, security around transactions are always given top priority.
  • MyBtcFx promotes no trace-back transactions that allow a sender to transact or trade without leaving details vulnerable to third parties. The same technology is used to block the receiver’s details so that both parties can efficiently transact without any problem.

  • Wide ROI benefits- Assisting in easy investment opportunities, MyBtcFx ensures your Returns On Investment are in fact noteworthy. If you’re looking for investment options for MyBtcFx, you can always find a wide range of solutions like ICO investment, Mining, Stake, Trading and more. Apart from these, MyBtcFx has also introduced the revolutionary concept of using Virtual Reality and E-commerce through the power of Crypto money. Interested in trying your luck with MyBtcFx? Come join this thrilling journey today!

  • Summary:

    Is it the Untraceable transaction prospects or the easy investment opportunities? Find out what makes MyBtcFx your favorite crypto commodity.

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