What is MyBtcFx?

MyBtcFx extensively uses the world’s leading technology- Blockchain to initiate and maintain its digital funds. The fact that it allows digital information to be shared or distributed but never copied makes it one of the safest mediums for cryptocurrency usage. However, where there is an investment, there is the risk and hence, we request you to always acknowledge the detailed rules before taking the plunge. MyBtcFx requires all users to register directly on our official website before proceeding.

Purpose of 4xBit Coin

With a total supply of 75,000,000 4xBit coins, our main purpose is to engage in and offer efficient digital money investment opportunities, trading options, and market competition all under one roof. Incorporated as an individual organization, MyBtcFx is determined by creating an astound base for potentially interested investors, traders and more. The 4xBit Coin would serve myriad purposes of use in casinos, online & offline games especially VR games, trading, and investments. Acting as a platform to house the valuable MyBtcFx digital finance, this will be acknowledged as a dominant stage to support efficient cryptocurrency transaction.

4XBit Coin Applications

The Blockchain technology entered with a bang and took the entire digital money industry by storm. It made an irreplaceable impression when the value of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin went from 1USD to millions.
Apart from a number of other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, etc Blockchain Technology has also assisted traditional finance houses like banks and other financial institutions. By introducing a more refined technological means for them to trade or handle money it has helped them flourish.
With its latest innovations Blockchain performs more than mere transactions. MyBtcFx considers Blockchain technology as an incorruptible leader that can radically change the way finance market works.

4XBit Specification

  • Symbol : 4XB
  • PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
  • Mining :CPU and GPU mining supported
  • Block Time: 120 Seconds
  • Total supply: 75,000,000
  • Decimal places: 8
  • Minimum fee : 0.01 4xB (may change later)
  • Pre-mine : 10%

4XBit Coin Features


  • 4xBit is a MultiPlatform Software Prebuild Binaries are available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X (other Platforms Coming Soon), but you can compile it for other Platforms as Well
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  • 4xBit is a decentralized Open Source project, released under the GPLv3 license, anyone can take a part in the development process. Source Code is Available on GitHub.
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  • Untraceable truly anonymous 4xBit transactions and encrypted information transfers in the decentralized p2p network so All of your 4XB transactions are unlinkable.
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  • The anonymity of payments without the ability to track them, resistance to the blockchain analysis is provided by technology CryptoNote. Privacy is mandatory for all operations, in order for it to be effective.

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  • 4xBit is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and medium, that does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity of operations without intermediaries and regulators.
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Fast Syncing

  • MyBtcFx's 4xBit coin block time is over x3 faster than Bitcoin and uses the 4XB-Cryptonight mining algorithm. With a limited supply of 75 Million Coins.

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