2018 saw the emergence of a plethora of cryptocurrencies in every domain. This was the result of the bitcoin aftermath. Almost every currency had almost the same initial strategy as that of Bitcoin. Furthermore, each cryptocurrency has its own specialty in order to survive in the ecosystem. A similar name that caught the attention of many investors is 4xBit Cryptocurrency – MyBtcFx. Many veterans in the domain of cryptocurrency and trading consider MyBtcFx as the most promising ICO of 2018.

What gives an extra edge to MyBtcFx?

MyBtcFx stands out from its other counterparts because of an astonishing supply of 150,000 tokens. Furthermore, this cryptocurrency is backed up by 4XBit which makes MyBtcFx the best ICO to invest in. Apart from this, the initial token value of MyBtcFx in November 2017 was 0.16 US Dollars. This attained a meteoric growth and has reached a value of 1.4 US Dollars in six months. These statistics are the clear indications encourage the potential investors to expend some capital on this 4XBit cryptocurrency. Moreover, MyBtcFx can be termed as best ICO to invest in 2018 because of the additional benefits that are relished by the coin-holders.

What are the investment options with MyBtcFx?

MyBtcFx provides the following investment opportunities:
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Crypto Exchange
  • Basic Investment
  • Mining
  • Stakeholding
  • Virtual Reality
  • Bookings

Advantages of investing in MyBtcFx

First of all, MyBtcFx gives an exceptional return on investment (ROI) benefits which is one of the main reasons why it can be crowned as the most successful ICO of 2018. Secondly, MyBtcFx coin-holders have a free hand in investing in various domains such as Virtual Reality, E-Commerce, travel related bookings, ICO and much more. Apart from this, the implementation of the ‘Ring Signature Technology’ and the ironclad security system removes the predicament of transaction tracking, third party interference and capital breaches.

In the bigger picture, MyBtcFx is a sure shot profit option for its potential investors and the individuals seeking for diving into the world of cryptocurrencies. MyBtcFx is a safe bet for everyone and ensures excellent benefits and ROI.

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