Ever since the success of Bitcoin, the investment and trading market has been flooded with Cryptocurrency possibilities that include alternate to Bitcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin and now MyBtcFx. Stemming from Bitcoin- the market value for MyBtcFx matches top-notch crypto commodities as this brand new 4xBit Crypto money promises handsome Return On Investments. However, the perks are much more refined than simple ROI benefits.

MyBtcFx wants to create a perfect platform for passive investors to invest in while maintaining confidentiality and therefore one of the strict parameters maintained by MyBtcFx involves a comprehensive and sound security system that filters third-party entries and prohibits transaction or trading traces by keeping the sender and the receiver protected. Apart from that, MyBtcFx also provides superior network coverage, minimal transaction charges and a vast platform for investment opportunities. While flight booking, hotel stays, ICO investments, and mining are considered quite common- this crypto commodity is also known for its effortless transaction possibilities through VR and E-commerce.

Virtual Reality:

a next-gen concept that is making its way into a household word, virtual reality encompasses of firsthand experience possibilities by virtually transporting you into a different world where you can enjoy your favorite stars, songs, video games, and movies. Now imagine the same perks powered by a powerful commodity like MyBtcFx that takes away financial restrains and allows you easy access to VR as and when you want.


A company by the name Overstock was the first one of their kind to dabble in Cryptocurrency and ever since then, the likeness of linking e-commerce and Cryptocurrency has increased. E-commerce is a vibrant platform hosting a wild catalog of items that attract people from all walks of life. Pairing e-commerce and crypto was a big step for Cryptocurrency which allowed this virtual finance to expand its territory. Appreciating the growing needs for crypto value, MyBtcFx, therefore, extends assistance towards e-commerce through its 4xBit coin.


MyBtcFx dabbles in more than just mere investment. While perks like tight security and no traceback payments are highlighted- MyBtcFx’s new improved investment platforms sure make it a one in a lifetime deal.

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