Call Free: +1 323 982 8982
201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 261 Anaheim, CA 92805
Call Free: +1 323 982 8982
201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 261 Anaheim, CA 92805
Call Free: +1 323 982 8982
201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 261 Anaheim, CA 92805

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MyBtcFx is an alternate cryptocurrency founded after the huge success of Bitcoin. Akin to other crypto commodities, MyBtcFx too comes with a intermediate value that allows passive investors to indulge in investments. The privacy policy states the user scope in regards to the website and mobile application usage. The privacy policy will also clarify points on information sharing, user accessibility and more.


Information collection:

MyBtcFx may ask users for the following information based on their activity in the website or application. The information will strictly be limited to name, mailing details, address and contact number. MyBtcFx may retain consumer information and retrieve it during the log in time. The same information will be used to create and manage your profile and facilitate communication. In case of investment options, MyBtcFx may also ask for financial details.
You hereby agree, that we may collect personal and technical data and relevant information including not limited to, technical information about the type of device used, the type of system application software. The information gathered will be used to gauge the necessity of software updates, product support and such similar services. If you use the same information on our mobile device, the platform may automatically collect relevant information and store them which can be in the form of the phones IMEI number or device identifier for your mobile, the IP address for your device and the mobile operating system including your location.


Information Usage:

Information collected will be used for either or all of the following reasons:
o To gather information to create your profile
o To facilitate smooth communication
o To provide customized content / offer to users with preferred interests
o To administer customer support for users
o To facilitate payment options for traders / investors
o To verify the user’s authority to access certain parts of the platform that may or may not be personal in nature
o To facilitate research or for varying analytical purpose.


External Links

Keeping convenience in mind, MyBtcFx may provide external links to certain third party websites. This may be used as a referral to certain third party products or services. MyBtcFx is not directly responsible for these external links and in no way will enforce the use of these links on the users. If the user chooses to visit or follow the external links, the sole responsibility lies on the hands of the user. At such situations, user activity will be governed by the third party website and will remain so, until you return to MyBtcFx’s website or mobile platform.


Both the web and mobile platform uses secured passwords and passphrases to ensure your personal details and credentials are well protected from third party. This does not include forceful unauthorized entry or use of hardware or software to infiltrate the security system. We request users to refrain from sharing the passwords or passphrases. If the security system gets compromised owing to user carelessness, the full responsibility will be considered as a part of the user’s mishandling.


MyBtcFx uses strict security measures to ensure transactions or trade surpassed between users remain anonymous to third parties and other irrelevant sources. The users once affiliated with MyBtcFx will get access to investment, trading and transaction options that are safeguarded by no-trace technology. The same applies for the mobile platform where users with access can view their transaction details, personal and non-personal information in regards to their activity and more- all secured under MyBtcFx.
Users are not to pass over security access without permission.

Governing Laws

Please ensure the platform is in accordance to your country’s law and code of ethics before investing time or money in MyBtcFx. Laws vary from country to country and thus we request users to check the laws and ethics pertaining to your country beforehand before taking decisions.
Also, both the website and the mobile platform prohibits children from partaking in any activity including accessing the profile. User’s need to be 18 years and older to be able to be a part of MyBtcFx.
I agree that I have thoroughly read the Privacy Policy terms and hereby agree that I will abide by the rules set.
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