So, are you bored with old-fashioned notes and coins? Have you heard of Bitcoin yet? Well, It is a fact well known that Bitcoin is the first and the largest Cryptocurrency Agency with the value of one bitcoin being equivalent to 4.5 lakh INR. MyBtcFx is one such variation of Bitcoin with a booming market value that soars higher and higher. Today, MyBtcFx has gradually come to a point where one unit is worth 1.4 USD.

To begin with, MyBtcFx, much like Ethereum, Monero or Litecoin is an alternative to Bitcoin that was introduced in the market as a verified investment and trading crypto. It is at present not only one of the best ICOs to invest in but there is also the fact that what started as a venture to incorporate more and more passive investors under one roof- now has one of the largest ICO gatherings with the total supply of MyBtcFx reaching up to 150,000,000.

Soaring higher

The token price of 4xBit was 0.16 USD from November 10 to December 15, 2017, which gradually showed an increase to 0.28 USD until January 30, 2018. In February 2018, it’s valuation increased to 0.46 USD. The month of March saw a great leap forward in the value of the coins as, by April 15, one coin of 4xBit was equal to an amount of 0.74 USD, and by May 31, it was appreciated to 0.95 USD. As of now, the 4xBit has crossed the 1 USD mark with the value of one 4xBit coin, currently, is equivalent to 1.4 USD as mentioned earlier.

MyBtcFx has also introduced the revolutionary concept of using Virtual Reality and E-commerce through the power of Crypto money for which they have been termed the Most Promising ICO of 2018. MyBtcFx is one such cryptocurrency agency which, apart from providing you financial happiness, will soothe your mental self as working MyBtcFx is a fun thing to do and it is hoped that you all, in return, would help us to become theMost Successful ICO of 2018. Join us soon.

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